Congratulations Lisa and Larissa!

A huge congratulations to two lovely women, both of whom are expecting little girls!

I was given free reign with this baby shower cake. The cake is chocolate and vanilla marble cake with vanilla mousseline filling and vanilla Swiss buttercream frosting. The decorations are done entirely in fondant.

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Family fun!

On Sunday the entire Weigand clan gathered together to wish my grandfather a very happy 83rd birthday! I created a three tiered cake for the occasion. The cake was apple cider spice cake with a cinnamon vanilla mousseline, vanilla Swiss buttercream frosting, and marshmallow and chocolate fondant.

Happy Birthday, Poppy!

2014-10-13 23.38.59

Fancy a cup of tea?

I love how clients are constantly challenging me and sculpted cakes are certainly a challenge! This time I was asked to make a teapot cake. While I had made one before, I was happy to use this as an opportunity to make it better! Never stop learning! Never stop elevating your craft!

The cake is a light lemon pound cake with vanilla mousseline. It is covered in fondant and hand-painted with royal icing. What fun!


Congratulations Caden & Kelsie!

Congratulations to the newlyweds! They had a lovely rustic wedding with an outdoor ceremony and the reception in a truly beautiful barn! I created for them a rustic chic wedding cake.

Layers of textured buttercream, with burlap and lace ribbon were accented by handmade sugarpaste flowers and raffia.

Inside they decided on a whole bevy of flavors! They included vanilla cake, chocolate cake, and red velvet cake with filling flavors including strawberry mousseline, chocolate mousseline, cream cheese frosting, vanilla mousseline, and mocha mousseline!

2014-09-20 13.45.39

Variation on design.

As a surprise to her son, a client ordered an anniversary cake for him and his wife. She asked for something that was sci-fi/Disney, as those are the things her son and his wife love. I had previously done a Minny Mouse style cake for my little cousin and decided that a variation on this design would work well for the new cake! So I decided to do a Mickey Mouse Ears/R2-D2 cake!

Inside was a light lemon cake with berry mousseline and vanilla Swiss buttercream.

Happy Anniversary to Kris and Diann!

2014-09-18 01.25.42

Decorated Cookie Treats!

I love to make decorated cut out cookies! It’s an amazing art in itself. Designing the patterns, deciding how to apply the colors, and it what order is really a science.

Here are some iridescent peacock cookies I custom made to ship to a client in Washington State!

2014-09-16 12.46.17 2014-09-16 12.46.53 2014-09-16 17.15.43

Rustic Treats

I was lucky to enjoy the day with extended kin at our family reunion. To share with everyone, I brought a plum frangipane tart and puff pastry filled with asparagus, Gruyere cheese, and garlic.

Very simple, but very yummy!

2014-07-19 21.35.19 2014-07-19 21.33.52

Congratulations Kavin and Betsy!

Over the weekend, I had the privileged of making the wedding cake for a very sweet couple! The cake was layers of vanilla bean cake, lemon mousseline, and raspberry jam and vanilla bean cake, mocha buttercream, and chocolate buttercream. They were married at the Breitenbach Winery’s Toolshed; a lovely location out in the country, making the cake style perfect! The bride choose a “naked” cake with lush berries and grapes.

Congratulations Kavin and Betsy!


Happy 1st Birthday Aidan!

This month we celebrated our son’s first birthday with friends and family!

I went for a carnival theme with treats including: sea salt popcorn, circus peanuts, gumballs, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, hot dogs and hamburgers.

Aidan destroyed…I mean enjoyed…an apple and banana cake with lightly sweetened whipped cream.

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